Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ice Skating on the Niobrara River

Ice Skating Party on the Niobrara River circa 1920

My mother, Letha Turpin Stewart, was born on March 6 in so she would have a birthday this week if she was still with us.  She was born in 1915 so she’d be 100 years old!  On my FaceBook page, I posted a photo of my mother and an ice skating party on the Niobrara River.  I’ve shared that party photo here.

My mom is the little girl standing in the front about seven people from the left. Her brother Clifford Turpin is among the three boys close to center. He's the middle lad. Their father Will Turpin is immediately behind Clifford with the tall light colored hat.  

R 18 W is circled along with Section 1

The party must have been near the Robert Newton Turpin homestead which was located in Rock County, Nebraska in Township 32N, Range 18W on Section 1. The river was not quite at their doorstep.  My mom told the story of learning to shoot the eyes out of flies across the Niobrara.  Wishful thinking but I’m sure she was a good shot.