Thursday, November 17, 2011

Louise Anne “Anna” Turpin, Fifth Child

Anna Turpin was born 25 Dec 1852 in Illinois (or Indiana according to the 1856 Iowa Census).  At a young age, she married Will Turpen who was about 25 years old.  They married 10 March 1868 in Greene County, Iowa.

When Will first came to Greene County from Owen County, Indiana, he reportedly lived with his Uncle Nate.  I believe Uncle Nate is actually Newt.  Robert Newton Turpin was known as Newt -- many in the Turpin family were known by their middle name or a nickname. 

Will is almost definitely the son of  Jim Turpen and his wife Nancy Jane Carter who followed the Turpin clan from Owen County, Indiana to Greene County, Iowa.  Their son Will was born in 1844.  Anna's husband Will would have been born approximately 1843-44.  This would make Anna and Will first cousins.

After Anna and Will were married, they lived in the Washington Township area of Greene County.  Will bought his first 80 acres of land by trapping prairie chickens and shipping them to the Chicago area. 

1915 Assessment for Will Turpen Farm in Greene County, Iowa

They had five children: 

James N. (b. 1870 IA), Mary (b. 1873 IA), Susan E. (b. @1875 IA), Katherine “Kate” (b. @ 1877 IA), and Carrie B. (b. 1880 IA). 

Anna died in 1880, perhaps in childbirth.  This left Will with the difficult task of raising small children.  He remarried 9 August 1887 to Mary A. Edwards.  Anna is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Greene County, Iowa.  Will died in 1923.

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