Monday, December 19, 2011

Follow-up on James R. Carter

In my Nov 12th blog post about the Iowa 10th Infantry and Thomas Benton Turpin, I mentioned James R. Carter who enlisted at the same time.  The Carters and the Turpins intermarried and I thought there might be a family connection: 

James R. Carter of Rippey enlisted as a Private on 23 August 1861 at the age of 18 in Company H, 10th Infantry Regiment Iowa on 7 Sep 1861.

James is the same age as Thomas.  Carter was probably Thomas’s grandmother’s maiden name. So looking to see if there is a connection could help me.  A bit of research shows there are no records of him in Greene County, Iowa in the 1860 census. I may want to scan the census in case the indexing is in error. I don’t see any James Carters in 1870 census that look like a potential match either. There is a 1890 Veteran’s Schedule which shows many James Carters. I guess this is a research project to put on my rainy day list.

Dennis Bell found the following entry for a James R. Carter in the 1860 census of Washington, Warren Co., Iowa.  Dennis suggested:

... he might be the James R. Carter (b. ABT 1843 in Indiana) who lived in Warren Co. IA in 1860?  See the below.  It appears to me that Charlotte (b. ABT 1820 in Indiana) is his mother, and that she remarried to John Epps and started a 2nd family.  John and Charlotte Epps were living in Washington, Greene, Iowa in the 1870 census.  John Epps was a widower in the 1880 census (Indianola, Warren, Iowa).

1860 Census of Washington, Warren Co., IA for James R. Carter’s Family
There are so many James Carters….ugh!  But using cluster research, I made some headway.  I saw the name E. A. D. J. Carter in the census's list of children (right after James R. Carter).  What a name!  That in itself is a research project. I looked up E. A. D. J. as a first name in the Indiana census in 1850 – and found it!  In Owen County, Indiana, no less.  In District 84, Clay Township -- which is where John Sr. and Elizabeth Turpin and R.N. (Newt) and Sarah Elizabeth Turpin live. 

That makes the Carter name a stronger connection for sure. 

And as genealogical research can do, it provided another tangent to follow:

1850 Census of District 84, Clay Township, Owen County, IN with E.A.D.J. Carter living in the Jesse and Leah Walker Family 
What does E. A. D. J. stand for?   Who are Jesse and Leah Walker?  Why is E. A. D. J. living with them? 

(The Turpin family wreath is perhaps turning out to be a braided wreath?)


  1. Jesse Walker was a schoolteacher and justice of the peace in Owen County. His wife Leah Storm Beem Walker was the widow of Neely Beem of Jackson County. Together they had one child, Finley (1837-1865). How they wound up with EADJ Carter is another question. He shows up again as a 15-year-old in Iowa, the older brother of my ancestor William Elijah Carter. Hope that gives you a little more information you may use as steering markers.