Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1880 Agriculture Census for the Unorganized Territories of Nebraska

This census was an additional, non-population census taken in 1880. This particular one gives us some insight into the inhabitants of the future Rock County, Nebraska and what their lives were like.  We find Newt settling in quite nicely:

Robert N. Turpin is on Page 2 of Enumeration District 191.   He owns his lands and has tilled 10 acres.  Additionally, he has a horse, 2 mules, 6 milch cows, 10 other cows, and 15 swine.  He made 140 pounds of butter in 1979.

1880 Ag Census for Nebraska, Unorganized Territory, Enumeration Dist 191, Page 2

Just a few years after arriving in Nebraska, we can see other puzzle pieces coming into place.  Others in the area with familiar names are:

S. A. Douglas Bell (same as the Douglas Bell who is husband of Newt Turpin’s daughter Hannah Catherine Turpin)

Joseph Bell (husband of Newt Turpin’s daughter Nancy Elizabeth Turpin)

Wharfield Paul (husband of Newt Turpin’s daughter Sarah Jane Turpin)

Issac N Turpin (James Turpen’s son and Newt’s nephew)

Samuel Turpin (James Turpen’s son and Newt’s nephew)

Chipman Robeson (Chipman H. Robinson, known as Chippewa.  He was another early setter on the Niobrara.  He was an Ohioan who moved to Greene County, Iowa and then to Nebraska.  He eventually returned to Greene County, Iowa per the Iowa 1895 State Census.)

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