Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I found the Turpins and Stewarts in Ogallala in 1940

E.D. 51-10
I found my parents Walt and Letha living in Ogallala in 1940.  They'd told stories about relatives coming to Ogallala to look for work and the relatives would stay with them.  There was only one bed, so they'd all just like up line sardines on the bed to get a good night's rest.   

So besides my old parents, I found my brother Donald, grandparents Will and Jennie Turpin, and my Uncle Clifford Turpin's family -- wife Leona and son Richard and daughter LaNita.   My dad and uncle were dam workers (Kingsley Dam) and my mom worked in a beauty shop.  No wonder my parents were like rocks!  They are 25 years old, have a child, and living in an extended family where everyone is there for each other!

For my dad's occupation it lists "cement block manufacture Rip Rap" and I now remember that the face of the dam is lined with huge concrete forms that look like the jacks kids play with.   And my father called it rip rap.  I'd totally forgot that.  And I thought it was simply what he called it -- but rip-rap does show up in Wikipedia!  

The family lived "north of 9th Street Towards Spruce".  When I took music lessons, my teacher Mrs. McCormick lived on North Spruce and my mom said it was where they lived when they first moved to Ogallala.  

A fun first find!

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