Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kirkwood Precinct, Rock County, Nebraska in 1940

So after Robert Newton Turpin was dead and Mary Ellen had remarried and moved to Dundy County, Nebraska, it might be tempting to think that we, as genealogists, are done with Kirkwood Precinct.  But a visit back there via the 1940 census makes it clear that Turpins are still there.

I found three instances.   Jim and John, two of the older sons of Robert Newton Turpin and wife Mary Ellen, still live there with their families.  And we find Doris Turpin who is one of John Turpin’s daughters.   She is working as a housekeeper for the widow Kati Hasch. 

James and Lida Turpin in 1940

John and Cora Turpin in 1940

Doris E. Turpin the daughter of John and Cora

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