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A List of Fathers for the Bell Family (Happy Father's Day!)

New information on the Bell family came into the blog this week, so I’ll add it.

Two of Newt Turpin’s daughters married Bell brothers, Joe and Douglas.  See blog entries:  #8 – Nancy the Adventurous Daughter  and #9 - Hannah Catherine Turpin - Another Adventurer

The Bell family arrived in northern Nebraska before 1880, about the same time as the Turpins.  Jacob Bell, father of Joe and Douglas, was born in Ohio in 1815. The censuses show that he and his family were in Webster County, Iowa in 1856 and Polk County, Iowa in 1860. In 1870, before coming to Nebraska, they lived on the East James River in Yankton, Dakota Territory. The family consisted of:

  Parents: Jacob Bell, 1815-1880 and Lourissa (various spellings), 1833-?
  Joseph H. "Joe" Bell b. Nov 1856 IA 
  Stephen A. Douglas Bell b. May 1861 IA
  Thomas Benton "Bent" Bell b. Oct 1862 IA
  C. Enfield Bell b. Aug 1864 IA

Additional information included (I have not verified the information below):

Records show the Bells went back to early times in this country and originated in England. 

 Jacob Bell (1815-1880) b. OH
 Isaac Bell (1795-1871) b. PA
 Benjamin Bell (1751-1853) b. VA 
 Nathaniel Bell (1725-1800) b. VA 
 Nathaniel Bell Sr. (1689-1745) b. VA
 Robert Bell (1655-1724) b. VA
 Thomas Bell (1618-1678) b. Kent, England
 Robert Bell (1588-1639) b. Norfolk, England
 Edmund Bell (1562-1608) b. Norfolk, England
 Sir Robert Bell (~1520-1577) b. Hertford, England

Sir Robert Bell was Lord (Chief) Baron of the Exchequer in the court of Queen Elizabeth I and the subject of the book "Sir Robert Bell and His Early Virginia Colony Descendants" by James Elton Bell and Frances Jean Bell.

I hope this information is helpful to researchers on that part of the family!

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