Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Carters

I'll talk more later on about Jim Turpen and John Turpin who always lived nearby each other, and about the Carters.   But cousin Julie G. brought up a good topic today:

Out of curiosity do you have RN Turpin's mother as Elizabeth Carter??? His father as John.

I find the Carter part hard to believe considering the 1850 census in Clay, Owen, Indiana.

-A Sucky Carter was living with James Turpin and I assumed this to be his mother in law.
-An Elizabeth Turpin was living with John Turpin and this I assumed to be his mother.

All in 1850 census so how could Sucky Carter be the same as Elizabeth Turpin??

My thoughts --

Yes, I do have Elizabeth Carter recorded as John Turpin's wife/Robert Newton Turpin's mother. There is a marriage record for a John Turpin and Elizabeth Carter in Halifax Co, VA on 27 Feb 1797.  There is also a James and John Turpin living side-by-side in the 1830 census in Halifax Co, VA.  So my non-math mind figures that out to be about an 80% chance of being good info?  Here's that 1830 census excerpt: 

1830 Halifax County, Virginia Census excerpt

As for Sucky Carter -- Sookie was a Southern nickname for Susan -- as we all have figured out by now, the census takers were not always the best spellers. But then again, how does one spell Sookie?  Susan Carter definitely could be Jim's mother-in-law...and probably John's also if Jim and John are brothers. James was married to Nancy Jane Carter and they called her Janey (or Jinny).  Lotsa' Carters, lotsa' Turpins.

Better yet, one of Robert Newton Turpin's kids married one of Jim's kids.

But that's really OK because Jim spelled his last name as Turpen ;-)

We don't have a family tree -- we have a wreath!

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  1. Marcia, Thank you so much for this info. I for one really appreciate it and if I can figure out how to use my scanner I will scan some pics. Aunt Bonnie Wiggins Kendall died earlier this year in Jefferson, Greene Co, IA. The kids do not seem to care about their genealogy and so we didn't get any old time photos. I am going to try one more resource in Jefferson and see if she has any of her mom's (Betty Wiggins Kendall (twins) pictures and if she will loan them to me. All I have is Warfield Paul and Sarah Jane Turpin, Etta (grandmother) and some old one of John and Mary Paul. They are cute pics but they are dark and do not show up very well. HOpe all is well with you. Cool that you teach a geneaology class.