Monday, October 31, 2011

Civil War Pension Records

Back to Child #1, Thomas, for a minute.  Thomas died in the Civil War and one might think that there would be no pension documents.  However, there is an application!

Application for Civil War Pension
Newt Turpin applied for the pension as the father of the deceased. The pension was requested April 29th, 1881, almost 20 years after Thomas died. 

For $75 I can order the file and see what's there.  Sometimes one will find pages torn from the family's Bible or a marriage certificate.  There are probably some affidavits.  In this case I'm guessing that the information supplied was insufficient or the request fell outside the rules.  Thomas served for only a very short time so that could be a reason that no pension was granted. 


  1. James William Turpen was also inlisted in the Civil War, 61st Illinois Infantry, rank as Capt. He was shot in the back and Was imprisoned in Andersonville. After the war he resided with family and at the age of 81 was admitted to the U.S. Home for Disabled Volunteer Sholdiers.

  2. Thanks, I'll check this out and see if he is related. Some of our Turpens/Turpins did live in Illinois.