Monday, October 10, 2011

Willowdale Cemetery

In June 2010 I drove up to Rock County, Nebraska to visit the Willowdale Cemetery north of Newport.  This is where Newt Turpin is buried.   His tombstone is marked with a Masonic emblem which I had not noticed years ago when I was there.

It's amazing to me that this is my great grandfather.  He was born 190 years ago!  But my grandfather Will Turpin was one of the youngest of his 19 children.  Newt's oldest was Thomas Benton Turpin, born in 1843, who died of measles while serving for the Union in the Civil War.  His youngest was Nelle Turpin, born in 1893, who married Wilson Clark and lived in Stratton, Hitchcock County, Nebraska.  Nelle died in 1966 in Denver, Colorado.

The website Find a Grave lists four Turpins at Willowdale.  Besides Newt, there is his son Francis Charles Turpin (Jul. 6, 1894 - Dec. 2, 1923) and Harold (Mar. 18, 1915 - Feb. 1, 1986 and Rose (Korlewski) Turpin (Sep. 17, 1916 -. Dec. 3, 1988).  Harold is a grandson of Newt Turpin and his parents were John Michael and Cora (Hall) Turpin.

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